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Below are answers to some commonly asked questions


Q: What is Bodhitee?

A: Bodhitee is a children’s apparel company with two goals; Provide cool clothes for your kids, and support charities that make the world a better place for all children.

Q: Why do you donate 20%?

A: Bodhitee is a for-profit company trying to change the way for-profit companies operate. Instead of allocating a major % of our revenue to advertising we give that money to charity. We rely on the concept of ethical consumption (the concept that ethical products are favored by consumers) to grow our business. Our donation % is set based on what the IRS allows, as well as what we can afford to give after taking into consideration the cost of product and other operating expenses. We hope to prove to other companies that you can be a viable for-profit company and still do a lot of good.

Q: Where did the name Bodhitee come from?

A: Bodhitee is named after our son, who was the inspiration for starting the company. Bodhi is also traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment or awakened. Our goal is to awaken companies and consumers to the concept of ethical consumption.

Q: Where are your products made and printed?

A: Our products are made in a variety of locations, but every item is printed here in Boulder, CO.

Q: How is your apparel printed?

A: We print all of our apparel using the latest screen-printing processes. The result is a great looking graphic that will wear naturally.

Q: What is the quality of your shirts?

A: We source our shirts from a range of top manufactures. We use the best quality children’s products available.

Q: Does your apparel shrink?

A: We use a variety of base products, please refer to care instructions.

Q: Who designs your artwork?

A: All of our artwork is designed by our in-house design team. We are always looking for great designers to work with. If you are interested in becoming one of our designers please email design@bodhitee.com.

Q: Is my purchase tax deductible?

A: Because you did not donate directly to a charitable organization you purchase is not tax deductible.

Q: Will you ship all my product purchases together?

A: If purchased at the same time, we will ship your entire order in the same package. Sometimes we carry products that are pre-order or made to order. These products will likely be shipped separately once available. If a product is a pre-order or a made to order product it will be clearly marked as such.

Q: Can I exchange my apparel for another size?

A: Because Bodhitee donates a significant percentage of each sale to charity we do not offer refunds or returns. If the product you receive is damaged or you receive the wrong product we will exchange that product with the same or similar product, in the case where the original product is out of stock. Please contact returns@bodhitee.com with questions.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: We take security seriously and use SSL (secure sockets layer) technology, providing 256 bit encryption, to protect your personal information. Please see our security badge in the footer of every page.

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